The PS5 controller comes with revolutionary new features and a sleek design to boot. Here's why everyone is talking about this.

PS5 Controller
PS5 Controller

The new PS5 controller is more than just a gimmick, it is a game converter. Unlike the evolution of the Xbox Series X controllers, the PS5 DualSense certainly has the identity of a revolutionary controller. Some of the new design features are larger and more attractive, while other ergonomic changes are more subtle. Just as we like the subtle design of the shell, today we are going to pay close attention to the haptic vibrations and the variable trigger pressures.

PS5 DualSense

The biggest new features of the PS5 controller are the new hop vibrations and the trigger with variable tension. This means the controllers can exclude all kinds of sensations from your hands, and the PS5 adds a deeper sink layer on top of all the cool features already packaged.

A Youtuber on TronicsFix did something completely different to show how it works. See his interruption below:


Good vibration

Compressor vibration has always been a part of improving a player's experience. From shooting threats to ground shaking, PS2 controllers have allowed you to experience similar features. But we have come a long way since 2000 when the new DualInx controller shows a high level of problem with its vibration. In Astro's game room, this functionality helps to extend the environment very elegantly with the PS5 controller to experience even minor annoyances or sand dunes. The two haptic motors are a little more chunky than you hid inside your PS4 dual shock controller, and they are a little more complicated.

PS5 Controller
PS5 Controller

Positive stimulation

There is another small touch that the PS5 controller provides when there is extra pressure on the triggers. From pulling a bow to a curved fountain, the extra resistance adds more to your game-sinking. If your shooter crashes, for example, custom triggers can cause congestion in real life. Under the hood, it is facilitated by the rotating gear, which changes the resistance of the trigger at the notice of a moment. This is technology, which means that the full application of this feature is now in the hands of game developers. In NBA 2K21, developers are smart enough to combine stimuli with spelling and physical barriers. These values ​​are neatly referenced as a result of heavy actions such as maintaining your index fingerprints, going to large enemies, or taking deep breaths. According to all reports - our own - The PS5 controller game has changed.

Pros & Cons of PS5 controller

Touching feedback

For me, this is the most awesome feature on the PS5, so I finally saved it. Sony has always tried to do more with its controllers. Metal Gear Solid Villain, PS1 recipients were shocked when Psycho Mantis players put their controllers on the field because Psycho Mendis uses the complex rumble feature to move the controller to the ground. Since then, Sony has pushed more players to turn their controllers into portals in order to make their controllers more accessible to the game. The PlayStation 3 owners suddenly discovered that there was a malfunction in the motion controllers, adjusting the controller projectile to the heavenly sword and turning the grenade launcher into a curve. The PS5 has expanded this by adding a light bar that can change colors to suit health or show well-designed talent, as well as an internal speaker that makes some things look more interesting. Those who collect crystals in Nayak know exactly what I mean. The dual disk takes it to the next level. The controller is one of the most complex rumbles and actuators, which will give you more resistance. The example he gave was “slow patience driving a car through the dirt”. 

In addition, there is a "positive stimulus" of totalizing. Most of these triggers are technology, and the controller needs to be redesigned to fit all technologies. Active stimulation provides resistance in terms of certain functions. They always give examples of archery. If you are in the game using a bow and arrows, if you cut the arrow backward, the trigger resistance will be introduced when you pull the trigger to pull the arrow backward. They do not show how powerful it is, or if it adds a full stop feature, you can not cross a certain point- depending on the functionality of the game- but it has tons of options. The more tired your character is, the more stressful the basketball game will be, which will make it physically harder to draw scenes. Driving sports This feature can be used to reflect tight brakes or an active lock brake system on the brake trigger. Games like Little Big Planet, where you have to grab items and carry them, can stretch the trigger to eliminate hand fatigue. It has a lot of interesting dynamics that it brings to the table.

It also brings a series of problems. Again, I work in video game retail, and one thing I see from time to time is that people turn to controllers and get their warranties because they are just as strict as their controllers, and they destroy the joysticks. I think this calls for a lot of problems with the controller. If you can not turn off these features, the machines will need many gears and other moving parts to create resistance and rumble on the trigger, all of which will be broken by most gamers.

Obviously, I don’t think Sony cares too much about this, I don’t buy warranties for some reason, I currently buy one or two new controllers a year. Having extra ways to break the controller is also good for Sony. Again in this article, as with everything, we will have to wait and see.

See Ya Later 😉